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Whatever happens in life, it’s possible to feel good, increase your life energy, and find a calm harbor to take refuge. Take a deep breath. Relax. Start purifying your mind and discovering your inner strength.
Join the “Live Well” Challenge and follow our daily suggestions. Start increasing your quality of life, feel better, and transform your life with tips that lead you to feel good, live with awareness through powerful mindful practices. Special moments await you in Club Marvy.
We designed a unique program for you to be more mindful of every moment, enjoy every minute that you spend in Club Marvy, and implement a brand-new practice in your daily life: Anda Burada Club Mary Mindfulness Programme.
Anda Burada is a mindfulness-based mobile application and mindful living platform designed for you to slow down, focus your attention inwards, and switch to a calmer state of mind at the times you are by yourself.
Aslı Eti & Şölen Yücel, co-founders of Anda Burada, have prepared a special summer program to open the doors of mindfulness world for Marvy guests. They will be holding mindfulness practices, workshops for kids, and inspiration circles designed to lead you to a more aware life, are waiting for you throughout the season.
Inside Anda Burada mobile application, you will find sleep stories weaved with mindfulness-based messages, written in consultation with mental health professionals; impactful guided meditations for sleep, self-confidence, self-love, anxiety, stress, etc.
Moreover, the calming and soothing music pieces in the music library help you to relax, de-stress, and to ease your transition to sleep.
Keep Calm & Breathe
Breath awareness, meditation and mindfulness practice
-What’s mindfulness?
-Our source of life: The rejuvenating and healing power of the breath
-Live Well Challenge tips and suggestions
Feel Your Body
Body Awareness Meditation and Mindfulness Practice.
-Turning from mind to body, the power of body awareness.
-Live Well Challenge tips and suggestions
Sundowner / Inspiration Circle 
Sunset Inspiration Meditation
Anda Burada “Infrequently Asked Questions” Sessions for Inspiration
Mindful Beach Walk
Meditation and Mindfulness practice with the elements unique to Club Marvy’s nature, the power of awakening the senses.
-Live Well Challenge tips and suggestions
Enjoy the Silence
 Meditation and Mindfulness Practice to Calm the Mind.
-The key to a peaceful life is to calm the mind constantly ruminating about stress-inducing thoughts.
-Live Well Challenge tips and suggestions
Presence in the Now
Mindful Meditation Practice
-The power of being in the present, to relax and feeling free of stress.
-Live Well Challenge tips and suggestions
Happiness Meditation/Euphoria
Meditation to Awaken Our Life Force
-Joyous moments when we get in touch with our true nature, and feeling the energy of life.
-Live Well Challenge tips and suggestions
Love is in the Air
Heart Focused Loving Kindness Meditation
-Upon unconditional love and awareness of feeling, magical moments, those awaken self-love, compassion, and gratitude.
- Live Well Challenge tips and suggestions

Ages 4-7
Mindfulness with Kids
Mindfulness-based meditations to ignite creativity and imagination.
Breath, body, feeling, and thought awareness practices.
Ages 8-12
Be the Hero of Your Own Story
Mindfulness-based creative story writing workshop with kids
One of the stories will be chosen by the committee to be dubbed and published on Anda Burada App. See the details below.
Şölen is a published author, a certified mindfulness teacher and a meditation guide. She is born in İzmir. She has completed major in communications in Ankara University and has been an expert in advertising for 17 years, managing multinational brands as a copywriter and a creative group head.
In 2015, she ended her corporate carrier. Listening to her powerful inner calling, she has decided to travel the world and realized her for 15 months, with great passion, wanderlust and a single backpack. She has spent a year in South East Asia; in India, Thailand, Indonesia where she had embraced the fundamentals of Mindfulness and meditation. Going on with her adventure for another 6 months in South America, she had shared her observations and experiences thorugh her personal blog and Huffington Post newspaper. In 2017, following her return to her homeland, Turkey, she began sharing her experiences under the title “Walk Without Fear, Teachings of a Journey”. As she returned to South East Asia Bali, Ubud, she has deepened her meditation practice, while she also began writing her first novel.
Her debut novel “Ejderhalar, Filler ve Öpücükler” was published in 2018, followed by her first ever audio novel “Beyaz Yakalının Kara Kitabı” by Storytel. Throughout the enriching process of travelling and writing, she has completed Mindfulness Academy’s Teacher Training, receiving her certification as a mindfulness teacher. Şölen is the dreamer who gave birth to the idea of founding Anda Burada; she is one of the co-founders. She is talso eaching Creativity at Kadir Has University for the school of Communications.
Aslı is a published author of children's literature; a mindfulness practitioner, and a meditation guide. She is born in Istanbul, Turkey. She completed her major in Social Sciences, Philosophy in Boğaziçi University and has been an expert in advertising for 15 years, managing multinational brands, copywriting, building brand strategies. As of 2015, after many breakdowns and breakthroughs, she listened to her inner calling, finally had the courage to end her carrier as an ad woman and pursued her wildest dream: Writing. As she dived into the conscious world of writing and self-revelation, she began her own healing journey after living with severe anxiety, panic attacks and depression for 2 decades.
Her debut novel "Unutma Beni/Forget Me Not" was published in 2016, with 8 editions released as of today. In 2017, her second novel "Dünyanın On Dört Günü" was launched with new editions following soon after. Her story series "Bilgelik Okulu", launched in 2018, is a 'philosophy for kids' series written in literary story format. Her most recent work, "Mucizeler Şarkısı" is an audio novel published by Storytel in January 2019, becoming #1 best-seller in children's books. Aslı's books are included in school curriculums and reading lists of literary boards nationwide.
Her purpose is to guide people to reconnect with their true Self, empower and inspire them on their journeys of healing and self-discovery. She combines literature, philosophy and mindfulness; integrating conscious practices into her writings and guidance.
Aslı is a community member of the global personal growth platform “Mindvalley”. In 2018, she has joined Mindvalley’s “Speak & Inspire” course by world-renowned transformational speaker, Lisa Nichols, CEO/Founder of Motivating the Masses and author of “Abundance Now”. She was requested by the administration to support as a tribe ambassador. She contributes in peer to peer learning; supporting, inspiring and empowering people on their journeys of self-discovery.
Aslı is actively practicing Qi Gong, meditation and she is a Reiki Master Teacher. She has completed her trainings for meditation, Reiki Master Teacher, Pranic Healing and Cem Şen Courses (5 Stages) between the years 2014-2016. She is committed to her personal growth and expansion ever since, practicing various consciousness and mindfulness modalities. She is one of the co-founders of Anda Burada app and mindful living platform.

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