Welcome to the privileged world of Marvy People Membership Program!

How can I become a member of Marvy People program?
You can easily become a member to the world of privileges of Marvy People through our website.
The points you earn during your Marvy People membership will be valid for a period of 3 years.
Will there be a membership card for the Marvy People program?

Although a physical card is not delivered, each member will have a unique membership ID.
What are the membership types of Marvy People?
We have 3 membership types in our Marvy People program namely Invited, Inspired, Indulged.
How can I earn points on Marvy People program?
As of the first reservation you will make after signing up for the Marvy People program, you can start earning points. For the reservations made through Club Marvy website or our call center, you have the right to earn discounts and points up to 5 % of the amount spent per person for the "Invited" members (starter level), 10 % of the amount spent per person for the "Inspired" members (second level) and 15 % of the amount spent per person for the "Indulged" members (top level).
How can I spend the points I earned in Marvy People program?
Points are collected and calculated based on 1 Point = 1 Euro in Marvy People program. If the total number of points you earn for your accommodation reach 1000 in total, you can stay for free.
How can I check the points I earned in Marvy People program?

You can learn your points by logging in with your membership information from our website or mobile applications.
What are the membership upgrade rules of Marvy People?
When you become a member for the first time, you are entitled to have invited membership status. When the sum of the points you earn reach 1000 (one thousand) after your stay, you will be entitled to receive an Inspired card, which is a higher membership. When your total points reach 3000 (three thousand) in the following period, you are entitled to receive Indulged membership card, which is our highest card type. +500 points will be awarded to our guests who will reach Indulged membership status.
General Conditions of Marvy People
Club Marvy reserves the right to make changes to the specified discount rates or membership benefits without prior notice.
In case of any disputes arising from the program status, the figures to be declared by Club Marvy will be considered correct.
Our guests eligible to become members must have reached the age of 18 by the day they become members.
Only guests who become members can earn points.
Points can be used only by the guest who is a member.
Points cannot be transferred to another person.
You must have completed your stay in order for your points to be credited to your account.
Club Marvy program membership cannot be transferred to second or third parties.
Providing fictitious, inaccurate or false information will result in termination of your Program membership and loss of all Benefits.
One person is not allowed to receive more than one membership.
Any membership that has been inactive for at least five years will be terminated by Club Marvy.
Earned points will be valid for a period of 3 years.
The Benefits cannot be used in combination with any other promotion or discount unless otherwise stated.
In the event Member has any complaint, dissatisfaction, claim or other issue of any kind or nature arising from, relating to or associated with the program membership  and/or Member’s use or enjoyment of the Benefits, Member’s sole and exclusive remedy against Club Marvy is to terminate the program membership.
Club Marvy makes no express or implied warranties or declarations regarding the type, quality or suitability of the goods or services provided through the Program or by Club Marvy.
The points earned cannot be converted into cash and cannot be used except for free stay.
Points can only be earned by real people; agencies and companies cannot participate in the program.
Club Marvy reserves the right to cancel or change the Marvy People Membership Program, its products and services, rules for earning or spending or program itself in whole or in part, without prior notice.
Points cannot be used together with discounts received for special offers, group bookings, meeting bookings, or company group events.
Points earned in the program cannot be used for hotel extras.
For detailed information, you can contact us at