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Explore the stories and miracles of olive at Club Marvy!

The sacred olive tree is known as the first tree in the world in mythology. Olive oil is called "liquid gold" in some cultures, and it symbolizes peace, wisdom and revival. This weekend, discover the miracles of olive oil and taste olive oil dishes based on Aegean cuisine.

We invite you to this special weekend where we will talk, harvest and taste the olive tree and its products that form the basis of the Aegean food culture, celebrate olive’s harvest time!


Friday, October 13
08:00-09:00    Hatha Yoga @Infinity Yoga Area 
10:15-11:00    Pilates @Infinity Yoga Area 
11:00-12:30   Olive Oil Tasting Workshop with Müge Nebioğlu @B'artisan
14:30-16:00   Flavors with Olive with Ahmet Güzelyağdöken @B'artisan
17:00-17:30   Mixology Workshop @Luvi

16:00-17:00    Beach Volleyball @Family Beach    
18:30-19:15    Yin Yoga @Infinity Yoga Area 
19:30               Dinner @Main Restaurant
19:30              Olive Harvest Speical Dinner @Kesre (Extra Charge/(Adult Only)
21:30              Live Performance @Kesre

Saturday, October 14
08:00-10:00    Olive Harvest / meeting point @Reception
11:00-12:30     Olive Crushing and Olive Oil Making Workshop @B'artisan

14:30-15:15      Stretching @Infinity Yoga Area 
15:30-16:15      Trx @Infinity Yoga Area        
16:00-16:30     Mixology Workshop @Luvi
18:30-19:15      Restorative Yoga @Family Beach
19:30                 Dinner @Main Restaurant
21:30                Live Performance 


Sunday, October 15
08:00-09:00     Full Body Morning Yoga @Infinity Yoga Area 
10:15-11:00     Pilates @Family Beach
11:15-12:00     Full Body Workout     
14:30-15:15     Hit Cardio @Infinity Yoga Area  
15:30-16:15     Antigravity Yoga @Infinity Yoga Area      
16:00-17:00     Beach Volleyball @Family Beach

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