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We greet the beautiful, thousand-year-old rituals that reflect the soul of time, with joy and veneration for nature, life and traditions.
Every year, we celebrate one of the most beautiful traditions of the lush lands of the Aegean, pomegranate’s harvest time and its abundance at Club Marvy.
In this special weekend, where we will enjoy sharing, friendship and joyful moments, events full of music, art and culinary explorations are waiting for you at Club Marvy!



Friday, September 22

07:30-08:00     Aroma Therapy Silent Hour @Infinity yoga area
08:00-09:00      Hatha Yoga @Infinity Yoga Area
10:15-11:00      Pilates @Infinity Yoga Area
11:15-12:00      Functional Training @Infinity Yoga Area        
14:30-15:15      Tabata HIIT @Infinity Yoga Area
16:00-17:00     Mixology Workshop with Pomegranate Flavors @B’artisan
19:30               Dinner
21:45              Gülçin Ergül Live Performance @B’artisan

Saturday, September 23

08:00-09:30     Pomegranate Harvest / meeting point @Reception
10:15-11:00      Stretching @Infinity Yoga Area
11:15-12:00      Crunch     @Infinity Yoga Area 
14:00-15:00     Pomegranate Flavors Workshop with Ahmet Güzelyağdöken @Değirmen
16:00-17:00     Kintsugi Workshop with Gülbin Tanır @B’artisan
19:30               Dinner @Main Restaurant
19:30               Bollama Dinner @Kesre (Extra Charge/Adult Only)
21:45              Muammer Ketençoğlu Live Performance @Kesre

Sunday, September 24

07:30-08:00     Mindful walking meditation @Infinity yoga area
08:00-09:00       Full Body Morning Yoga @Infinity Yoga Area
10:15-11:00       Pilates @Infinity Yoga Area
11:15 12:00       Full Body Workout @Infinity Yoga Area
11:30-13:00     Kintsugi Workshop with Gülbin Tanır @B’artisan

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