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Marvy provides for everything you need and more.

We know that those who greet each day as a wonderful opportunity to bring out the best in them, enjoy sports activities.

It is our motivation to bring together activities like beach volleyball, tennis, yoga, salsa and Zumba, TRX, group fitness classes, running with the healing energy of the sun, the sea, the earth and the air.

You can opt for personal trainings or group activities to keep your body, mind and soul active or enjoy Mar Fitness with its 180 degree, wonderous sea view and state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

Within the scope of the Mar Wellness Coaching Program, which offers specially personalized approaches, we apply our Physical Fitness Assessment to our guests and accordingly we prepare a healthy living program that they can practice during their stay in Marvy and after their holidays.    
We offer two types of Group Personal Training Program:
FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: A full body workout with using body and free weights
CIRCUIT TRAINING: A full body workout with using machines.
Mar Fitness supports you healthy and active holiday by participating in Group Fitness Classes with internationally certified and experienced instructor staff. Group Fitness Classes consist of different exercise alternatives such as TRX, Zumba, yoga, Pilates...
Running Time
We run early in the mornings to start a positive day along the Kesre Bay…

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