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Step into the wonders of comfort…
Revives the simplistic life style of the Aegean villages in commodious spaces and serene rooms, all designed with a latterday approach.

Inspired by the Aegean lifestyle, the rooms in Club Marvy offer you an austere retreat with their natural decor, while providing a highly safe living space for children.

While staying in Club Marvy, the experience of an inspirational balance between solitude and quality time within nature will help you have a deep and restful sleep in your bed, specially designed for comfort keeping you cool even on the hottest summer days. 

Designed with technology, our beds are spread with a tradition of 1500 years. Our bedspreads, pillowcases and towels are all specially made of Buldan fabric for you. Dating back to Byzantine, Roman and Hellenistic periods, Buldan fabric is woven on handlooms with raw cotton dyed with natural dyes obtained from walnut tree leaves, liquorice root, tannin, bay leaf, Turkish oak, onion skin, chestnut and buckthorn.

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