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Marvy offers a holiday experience inspired by treasures of the Aegean where our roots come from...

We designed a brand new holiday experience inspired by our roots. From entertainment to art, from architectural design to local flavour, we combined everything that makes us who we are with a modern approach and created a post-modern and bohemian holiday culture... This unique and unprecedented holiday culture in Turkey came to life in 2017, in Kesre Bay, which is a 160,000 m² wonder of nature with its protected pine and palm trees.

Every spot in this unique bay in the magical landscape of the Aegean, where sandy beaches meet with a crystal shimmering sea, has been designed to create the sweetest memories for families and couples. The simple lifestyle in the Aegean and Mediterranean towns is kept alive in its purest form in our rooms designed with a modern architectural approach.

We are Aegean!!

We value Aegean's local products, principles and craftsmanship. We have built our culinary concept, which we call “Marvy Cuisine'', on an unusual culinary culture inspired by traditional Aegean villages, bringing rich homemade food and street tastes together on the same table. We created authentic venues offering you a variety of flavours to savour this unique culture enriched with fresh products of the region in the best way. 
In the context of "Art of Happiness" we aim to help our guests adopt the motto of ‘Be your best' and make it a way of life. We bring them together with nutrition, sports and wellness experts who share tips on healthy living, and become a source of strength and inspiration for them. 

We make the concept of health and wellness felt at every corner of Club Marvy. Mar Spa with a marvellous 180-degree view of the sea and Mar Spa Adult Beach, with cabanas positioned on the sea, cleanses your body, soul and mind from all worries using modern spa treatments.

In the massage rooms, saunas and terraces of the Mar Spa adjacent to the horizon, your body and soul will rest, and you will feel as if you were reborn. Inspired by Roman baths, our Turkish bath is at your disposal anytime you wish in the Mar Spa where modern spa therapies are meticulously applied...
We built the foundation for Atelier Marvy, hosting exhibitions and workshops of artists, to help you experience a holiday intertwined with soul-feeding art and local traditions reflecting history. In this privileged area where "Artist Residency" program is run, we bring our guests together with artists from different disciplines of contemporary art, exhibition programs and guest artists' workshops. We are delighted to share with our guests this experience, which we call the combination of art, enthusiastic rituals, abundance and abundance fostering creativity.
Marvy Sail takes our sea-loving guests on an expedition to Kesre Bay by eco-friendly dinghies and O’pen Bic boats. We also offer courses as part of the Young Sailing Program to young people aged 8-15 willing to learn how to sail or improve their sailing skills.
In Club Marvy, we provide rich social activities to ensure that families with children spend quality time with each other.
We founded Club Marvy with such a spirit and understanding; We built Club Marvy on wonderful feelings in a magical bay where the deepest blue and the most beautiful green unite.

Discover the inspiring world of Club Marvy to experience a liberating and unique holiday experience!

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