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Offering sailing lessons and special events, Marvy Sail is the meeting point for sailing enthusiasts of all ages...

Marvy Sail takes our sea-loving guests on an expedition of Kesre Bay by dinghies, the simplest and least tiring sea vehicles that originated in India. Our 12-foot dinghies are crafted without any chemicals and painted with 100 percent organic dyes. 

Within our Young Sailing Program, we also offer courses with our new generation O'pen Bic boats made of recycled materials, for young sea goers between 8-15, who wish to learn how to sail or develop their skills. 



1.    Courses

Basic Sailing Course for Children

Boat                   : O’pen Bic
Duration             : in total 4 hours over 2 days
Age & Weight     : 7+ and over 30 kg (66 lbs)        
Course Capacity: max. 5 trainees 

The course consists of on-land theory training and sea training where trainees are taught sailing theory, basic cruises and manoeuvres.


Basic Sailing Course for Adults

Boat                   :12’ Dinghy
Duration             : 3 hours over one day         
Course Capacity: max. 4 trainees 

One hour of on-land theory training and two hours of sea training. Sailing theory, basic cruises and manoeuvres are taught. Sea training takes place later in the afternoon when the wind is stronger.


2.    Excursions

Sunset Sailing Trip 

Boat               :12’ Dinghy
Duration         : 2 hours
Capacity         : max. 3 passengers
Total Distance: 2.66 nautical miles (4.9 km)


The excursion lasts 2 hours from 16:30 to 18:30. The boats, captained by our sailing instructors, set out from the coast of Club Marvy. After the service of complimentary local wine and seasonal fruits, the boats start their 45-minute return trip, cruising parallel to Özdere.



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