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Listen to the voice of nature.

Crashing waves that had inspired Homer to write The Iliad and the blue waters that used to empower Poseidon.

Is there any place better than the Aegean Sea to set sail to horizons, to befriend the clouds and the sea?

Marvy Sail, with its sailing lessons and events, is the meeting hub of those who love to sail, from every age group.

Young Sailors Program invites young people of 8 to 15 ages to discover the sea using recyclable, new generation O-Pen Bic boats.

The practical and nature-friendly dinghys are for those who want to explore Kesre Bay.

The sea is calling you to its embrace with Marvy Sail.        




Basic Sailing Course for Children

Boat                                     : 

O’pen Bic

Duration                              : 

In total 4 hours over 2 days

Age & Weight                     : 

7+ and over 30 kg (66 lbs)        

Course Capacity                :

Max. 5 trainees 


The course consists of on-land theory training and sea training where trainees are taught sailing theory, basic cruises and manoeuvres.

Basic Sailing Course for Adults

Boat                                     : 

12’ Dinghy

Duration                              : 

3 hours over one day

Course Capacity                :

max. 4 trainees 


One hour of on-land theory training and two hours of sea training. Sailing theory, basic cruises and manoeuvres are taught. Sea training takes place later in the afternoon when the wind is stronger.



Sunset Sailing Trip 

Boat                                     : 

12’ Dinghy

Duration                              : 

2 Hours

Capacity                              :

Max. 3 passengers

Total Distance                    :

2.66 nautical miles (4.9 km)


The excursion lasts 2 hours from 16:30 to 18:30. The boats, captained by our sailing instructors, set out from the coast of Club Marvy. After the service of complimentary local wine and seasonal fruits, the boats start their 45-minute return trip, cruising parallel to Özdere.


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