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A message from CEO
Our Marvellous Guests,
The world, including our country is going through some extraordinary times. Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly altered our daily lives, habits and the way we work. We had to lock ourselves in our homes to keep safe, during which we had plenty of time for serious navel-gazing. We contemplated our rights and wrongs. As the pandemic razed through humanity, we were surprised to see how nature was healing itself from the destruction caused by us, humans. Nowadays, we often hear the same resolution from people all around the world, “When we get back to normal, nothing will be the same as before, ever again.” True, nothing will remain from the old-world order. A new world where sustainability is the core value of life, where life and nature receive the much-deserved respect, will rise after the pandemic is over. That kind of world is no news to us.
I had this dream three years ago to establish a small heaven with nature and sustainability as the key-norms, Club Marvy was the realization of that dream. A distinguished team that shared the same core values helped me build Marvy, a simple world that consists of nature, art and local cuisine. We were aware that the new luxury meant providing people spaces where they felt free and become whole again with the nature and the sea. Club Marvy was designed specially to offer our guests happiness, inner peace through wonderful experiences in culture, locality and simplicity. Today we are proud to see how spot-on our predictions were and how well we had prepared for a future that became a reality so soon. We have managed to create a perfect reference point for the codes of the new world order. Sure enough, our dream to make a better world continues, we will be working even harder now to outshine ourselves.
We will see through these hard days because we are Club Marvy..
Our horizons are as wide as the oceans with our spirit as free as the birds soaring high above…
We are inspired by our roots and we have a deep respect for the world, the nature and humanity. Our values that define us have a vast range from art, architecture to local cuisine and folklore. With guests from all around the world, we are a big family. Our objective is to make the world a better place for the generations to follow. Solar energy is used for hot water on our premises and we have a dedicated team to sustainability that keep working on implementing and maintaining energy saving principles. Working to achieve zero-waste, we recycle almost all our waste in collaboration with government approved recycling companies. We have minimized the use of plastics on our compound.
All food waste is used to feed animals and birds. Tea leaves and egg shells are used for compost. Vegetables and fruits are disinfected using ozone instead of chlorine, enabling us to minimize the use of chemicals and energy. We have taken all the necessary measures to prevent any pollution of the land and the sea, implementing quick response systems in case of leakage. Our establishment is working to achieve a paper-free system to protect and preserve our forests. Not a single tree was harmed during the construction of our resort, our beach is blue-flag certified. We organize workshops for wonderful experiences that range from macramé to organic dyeing. Our cuisine is inspired by local and traditional tastes, but it has a global approach. With our Turkish baths, SPA center and kids’ club, we were expecting a wonderful season in 2020. Unfortunately, Marvy, despite its amazing environmental approach and deep regard for nature, had to have its share of the unexpected crisis that shook the whole world.
The corona virus pandemic has changed our lives profoundly. Not only Turkey, but the whole world is fighting the virus. Our main priority nowadays is to stay healthy. We are unable to welcome our guests that we deem as part of our family and for the time being we cannot add new saplings to the 800 young trees on our 2500 square meter land in Özdere, but we will abide and we will prevail.We have faith that the corona days will end without causing our establishment too much harm.
One day, when this storm is over, we will rejoin at Club Marvy, in the mesmerizing beauty of the Aegean Region, on the Kesre Bay where pristine beaches meet the crystal blue waters. We will compensate every day that we were locked in our homes with magnificent sunsets after basking in the sun, enjoying the deep blue waters and the amazing green environment all day.
Happy to see you at Club Marvy soon.
Chairperson of the Executive Board and CEO 
Release date: 14.05.2020
Dear Valued Guests,
As Club Marvy, our top priority is ensuring the safety and health of our guests and employees. Since the first day the Covid-19 virus appeared in the news, our company has closely followed all the developments, evaluated the impacts at the highest level and taken all necessary precautions. We also would like to point out that Turkey has taken serious actions at very early stages by imposing restrictions at the border gates, applying travel bans, closing up schools and universities, implementing rules for social distancing and many other restrictions.
We continously carry out cleaning and disinfection processes in our hotels in addition to our usual procedures in accordance with the high standards of the World Health Organization on without any exceptions and compromises. While maintaining our high standard health and safety proceduresin, we have also increased the frequency of these practices and broadened the application of UV sterilization, which was earlier applied only in the guest rooms, to the general areas of the hotel due to the increase in Corona outbreaks observed all over the world.

• Practicing proper and frequent hand washing is vital to combat the spread of viruses. in our daily meetings, we always remind our teams that hygiene starts with this simple move.
• In addition to the trainings on housekeeping and hygiene protocols, our hotel staff also complete an advanced awareness training on COVID-19.
• Club Marvy teams are available 24/7 to provide support and coordinate with local and regional authorities.
Your Health, Safety and Well-Being
Our hotels use the following effective cleaning products and protocols against viruses.
Guest Rooms:
• Hotels follow cleaning and disinfection protocols to clean the rooms following the check-out of the guests and prior to the arrival of the next guests, with special attention to the items with high-level contact.
 General Areas:
• We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection processes for the reception desk, elevators and elevator buttons, door handles, stair railings, buffet surfaces in restaurants, chairs, armchairs, surfaces of tables and coffee tables, sunbeds and transfer vehicles in our hotels.
• We have shortened the cleaning and disinfection periods in all public toilets, from 30 minutes to 15 minutes, and started practicing disinfection processes more frequently.
• AII our kitchen and service equipment are washed in dishwashers at over 85 degrees.
• Disinfection processes applied on all surfaces in Mini Club, Fitness and SPA areas have been increased.
• All laundry materials are washed at 60-90 degrees.
• When our guests were in our Hotel, all general areas of common use were disinfected with ULV device by fogging using an antimicrobial and antiviral product containing hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver.
Staff Areas:
• The frequency of cleaning and disinfection processes have been increased in areas with high-level hand contact, such as the areas where housekeeping staff work common entrances, dressing rooms, laundry rooms and staff offices.
We understand that your travel plans are affected to a significant extent and preliminary planning became very difficult in this challenging period. We would like to support you as our reliable guest in the ways specified below:
If you are planning a trip in near future, we would like to facilitate your decision as much as possible; so, please keep track of our flexible conditions.
Flexible Price:This price can be entirely altered or returned until 21 days before your for reservations. When 50% prepayments made, the remaining 50% payment is charged upon arrival. Or all payment is made by credit card at the time of booking. * In the case of cancellation requests for the periods following the 21-day period specified above, they will be considered "No Show" (the condition that the respective guest does not appear at the hotel where he/she has booked a room) and 50% of the prepayment will be collected.
If you have a current reservation, we are offering complete flexibility to help you change the dates or cancel it completely if necessary.
If you have a reservation but you will be unable to stay, an alternative date is offered with 5% discount that will be added to the early reservation conditions applicable on the date of your purchase. For more information, you can contact us with our +90 232 520 22 33 information and reservation line or our info@clubmarvy.com e-mail address.
If you have a current reservation and you will not use it or you also have not made up your mind for a new date, a Gift Certificate specific to you is offered. You can receive detailed information from our info@clubmarvy.com e-mail address or our +90 232 520 22 33 information and reservation line.
Important Information:
• For the reservations made through a travel agency or online reservation platform (i.e. booking.com, Expedia), please contact them directly. We have provided those companies with information regarding our cancellation policy and an application to the terms and conditions of those companies is required.
• We will work together with our customers to manage the changes needed for group and meeting reservations separately for each case. Our hotels provide active support to organizers in order to fulfil the certain needs of each group in accordance with the terms and conditions of reservation, including the postponement of the dates of events to other periods.
For more information, you can contact us via the address of info@clubmarvy.com
We keep track of the circumstances developing and we will alter and update our policies in line with the changing conditions.
The Covid-19 outbreak constitutes a situation that requires concerted efforts both at the national and international level. Therefore, Club Marvy is in close contact with all relevant institutions and organizations and carries out the measures it takes to ensure your safety and health. For this reason, after our guests have left our hotels, all general areas, including rooms, have been disinfected with ULV device by using an antimicrobial and antiviral product containing Hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver as the last stage.
We wish you good health, and we look forward to welcoming you again to one of our hotels in the future.
Sincerely yours,


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