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Purify, Balance and Reactivate!


Welcome the summer season in the heart of the lush nature of the Aegean.

We are waiting for you at Club Marvy on 8-11 June for the first of our camp experiences that will continue throughout the summer.

It's time to Purify, Balance and Reactivate our souls with the energy of movement that comes with the summer season...

Join Buğra Öktem in a special Ayurveda workshop series focusing on Ritucharya, Panchakarma, and Swasthavritta. Explore the yoga practices with Demet Yoruç and learn to bring lightness and support to your asana practice at any level. Open your heart with Mina Erçel with a focus on the Heart Chakra, as we learn to let go of the past and bring attention to this beautiful new beginning of the summer season. Restore your body through guided meditations and body scans with internationally renowned Level 2 Authorized Ashtanga Teacher, Robin Ward.

We hope to share this unique experience together with you…


June 8th, Thursday
19:15- 21:00    Dinner @Main Restaurant 
21:30               Opening Circle Ceremony @Kesre Bay
21:30               Seçil & Alp Ersönmez Live Performance @B’artisan

June 9th, Friday
07:30-08:30    “Spiritual Warrior” Workshop with Mina Erçel
08.30-10:30      Breakfast @Main Restaurant
10:15-11:00      Pilates @Art of Happiness Zone powered by Wings
                           Or discover Club Marvy 
11:00-12:30    “Happy Feet” Workshop with Demet Yoruç 
12:30-14:30      Lunch @Main Restaurant / Boa Grill / Buono on the Beach / Kesre Bay
                          & Discover Club Marvy 
15:30-16:15     Antigravity Yoga @Art of Happiness Zone powered by Wings
                          Or discover Club Marvy 
16:30-17:00    Mixology workshop with Ozan Doğan @Luvi Bar
17:00-18:30    Yin Restorative Practice and Body Scan Meditation workshop with Robin Ward 
18:30-19:15    “Ritucharya” with Buğra Öktem
19:15- 21:00    Dinner
21:30                 Omerarnanda & Veleyle Live Performance @Kesre Bay
21:30                 Kerem Görsev Jazz Festival @Stage

June 10th, Saturday
07:30-08:30    “Hot Hip Holy/ Supple Hips” workshop with Demet Yoruç 
08.30-10:30      Breakfast @Main Restaurant
10:15-11:00      Stretching @Art of Happiness Zone powered by Wings
                           Or Discover Club Marvy 
11:00-12:30    Introduction to Panchakarma workshop with Buğra Öktem
12:30-14:30      Lunch @Main Restaurant / Boa Grill / Buono on the Beach / Kesre Bay
                          & Discover Club Marvy 
17:00-18:30    “Back to the Future” Workshop with Mina Erçel 
18:30-19:15     Yoga Philosophy and Meditation with Robin Ward
19:15- 21:00     Dinner
21:30                 Kerem Görsev Jazz Festival @Stage

June 11th, Sunday
07:30-08:30    “First Steps into the Ashtanga Sequence” Workshop with Robin Ward
08.30-10:30       Breakfast @Main Restaurant
10:15-11:00    “Happy shoulders” Workshop with Mina Erçel
11:30-13:00     Swasthavritta workshop with Buğra Öktem 
11:30                 Kerem Görsev Brunch @Buono on the Beach

12:30-14:30      Lunch @Main Restaurant / Boa Grill / Buono on the Beach / Kesre Bay
                          & Discover Club Marvy 
16:00-17:30    Closing Circle Ceremony @Art of Happiness Zone powered by Wings
21:30                İpek Dinç Live Performance @B’artisan

Robin Ward
Robin is a gentle and nurturing teacher of the Ashtanga method, with a deep respect for the purity of this practice. She passes the teachings on with care and precision, believing that the benefits come from consistent and sustainable effort in the traditional way. Robin started practicing yoga when she was 18 years old. She has travelled the globe studying various teaching techniques and yogic philosophy with some of the most renowned Ashtanga teachers. 

She is a dedicated student of R. Sharath Jois, the foremost authority of Ashtanga Yoga today. Receiving the traditional Authorization of him, in 2016, to teach this method in its purest form has been an incredible blessing, which then allowed her the opportunity to assist Sharath Jois over the years, while he taught in the KPJAYI Shala in Mysore, India. Over the years, Robin has taught in many different places, including; Prague, Dubai, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines, Germany and many more. 

She now co-owns the Ashtanga programme in Cape Town and runs her own online programme. She loves teaching both beginners and also experienced practitioners. She has also taught people from various backgrounds including athletes, pregnant women, people of all ages and people with serious illnesses. She assists her students with their individual needs in order to promote physical, emotional and spiritual balance in their contemporary lifestyles. Robin believes this traditional practice to be a fundamental catalyst for growth, when practiced daily.

Buğra Öktem
He was born in Tarsus, Mersin. After completing his secondary education at Private Tarsus American High School, he continued his education at Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine. Between 1992 and 2005, he worked as a doctor in the tourism sector in Antalya and Marmaris. 
In the meantime, he conducted research on herbal medicines in Germany, Austria, France and the Far East. He went to India to learn Ayurveda. Here he started to study at Gujarat Ayurved University, which is considered the best in Ayurveda by the Indian Ministry of Health. He opened the Rasayana Art of Living Center in Istanbul in order to serve with the experience of these works. Buğra Öktem, who regularly goes to the university where he completed his education in India and follows the researches, continues his studies mainly in İzmir and Istanbul.

Demet Yoruç
In 2005 Demet completed a Jivamukti Teacher Training Program at the Omega Holistic Institute in New York.  She was fortunate to study directly with David Life and Sharon Gannon.  She later applied her gained knowledge in her sessions at YogaŞala starting 2006. Throughout the years, she further expanded her knowledge in the yoga field by joining numerous programs conducted by acclaimed yoga experts such as:  Tias Little, Richard Freeman, Maty Ezraty, Gülnaaz Dashti and one of Jivamukti's most renowned experts Yogeswari.  Demet now shares her vast knowledge through her sessions in both Istanbul and Ankara.

Mina Erçel
For Mina, the initial seeds of yoga were planted back in 1999 while she was working in the finance and banking sector in New York City. Since then, she has been practicing yoga and its philosophy in her daily life. After returning to Istanbul, Mina cultivated a strong and solid foundation which formed as a result of her regular daily practice. She chose to pursue the Jivamukti method, which consists of a mixture of asana, scripture, bhakti, nada, ahimsa and meditation. Mina thereby completed Jivamukti Yoga Specialization Program in New York in 2010
Apart from her yoga specialization, Mina is a certified instructor of The Art of Living Happiness Program, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation and the ARTExcel program for children. She has been giving Art of Living courses at home and abroad since she completed The Art of Living instructor program in India in 2011.

*The Art Of Happiness program is included in the package price and the minimum stay is 3 nights.
Private session requests are arranged with the relevant trainers during the accommodation process, within a fee.

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