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“I Wish I Could Go Back In Time”

  • “I Wish I Could Go Back In Time”

Artist Haluk Akakçe is at Atelier Marvy with his exhibition “I Wish I Could Go Back In Time” between July - September 2020. The art residence of Club Marvy, is hosting the artist Haluk Akakçe within the context of ‘Art Residency’ program, during July- September 2020. As an artist dealing with themes of change and transformation in his works, in his exhibition called “Keşke Zamanı Geri Alabilseydim… / I Wish I Could Go Back In Time…”, Akakçe is promising the spectator a journey to a parallel world where “facts” like time and distance do not exist. The exhibition holds many surprises awaiting the spectator in the new works of Akakçe, who believes that the artists should not confine themselves with established patterns and ways of expression. About I Wish I Could Go Back In Time I believe that I am indefinable and inimitable. Every work that you put your feelings into, arouses the very same feelings in the people looking at them. Art is such a thing that will never disappoint you. I never gave up on dreaming. I dream of something, and I realize it through my art. I find the things that are overlooked by people to be interesting. I feel close to each and every color. I can use any object as a material, a wallpaper, an ashtray and so on. I feel my life, my loneliness and my crowd in them. What interests me more in arts is the human experience, in other words, the inner experience. Here, I am talking about an experience appealing to feelings, feelings that are beyond everything such as geographical borders, religion, language, race, gender and age. In other words, the real impact it left on you, the basic feeling it aroused in you. (…) However, what I do is also very aesthetical. As an artist with a background based on architecture, I’ve struggled a lot about this. What I do is all about beauty. I love beautiful things and I love beautifying things. I think that we need beauty. In fact, there are words in art, too. You create your own alphabet and language with their own rules. With art, you address different perceptions. We are witnessing a profound change. We will all together see what the new world will bring us. That’s why, still keeping on dreaming and creating and sticking to art…

01.07.2020 - 30.09.2020

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