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KA Atelier “Herschel's Shadow'

  • KA  Atelier “Herschel's Shadow'

Since the invention of photography, countless ways are developed to capture the vision created bylight, some of these practices İost their importance in time while most of them struggled long and hard with the standardised and highly profitable technigues of the photograpy industry before they threw in towel. Alternative photography is a term used to define historical photo developing technigues that are no longer commercially available. İn the 1960's, alternative photography was born as a protest slogan against the monopoly of the photography industry and its focus on very limited, profitable products. Alternative photography promises an infinite world where you can use both old and new technigues. Today, a great number of photographers, in their pursuit of freedom, inspiration and unigueness have turned to the practical authenticity of the 19th century photography. Considering that it is still possible to rebel against technology and to achieve such unigueness, it is impossible not to wish that Sir John Herschel's influence remains forever on this art. The exhibition includes works of nine photography artists who work under the roof of Ka Photography Development Atelier, using alternative printing technigues.

18.08.2018 - 21.09.2018

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