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Fill in The Plant - Burcu Perçin

  • Fill in The Plant - Burcu Perçin

"This exhibition is the sequel to my 2017 Fill In The Plant project, in which, along with my previous works, I present my focus on the landscaping imagery in people’s habitats and our problematic relationship wih nature. In my compositions, I re-interpret human-made landscaping in different cities and countries. There are also some works with marble images which would be familiar to those who have seen my previous exhibitions. I wanted to shed a light on the transformation of the nature under human control and disposal independent from its innate mechanism. Our exigence for nature increases in direct ratio with the deadly destruction we create. Our “solution” is to build human-made nature. My main focus is this new perception of nature which is very different from the traditional landscaping. We are struggling to create our own safe zones in this artificial environment and these structures evolve into either natural entities that we come to accept without even noticing or to monsters that makes us shiver everytime they catch our eyes. Are we capable of forming a bond with this artificial nature? How much can we internalize it? How safe do we actually feel? What sort of a correlation can we form betwen the wild nature and our lanscaping? How do we fill the plants in? These are the fundamental questions I have."

28.09.2018 - 28.10.2018

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