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Who is Afraid of a Giant Windmill?

  • Who is Afraid of a Giant Windmill?

“Advocating democracy, peace, science and art, accomplishing moral conducts have become acts of courage in our times.” Justice, equality and freedom, the indispensible and irrefutable dynamics of humanity are imperative in every aspect of life. In the past, standing up for them meant standing up for everything, from freedom of speech to the right to live. However, in the times that we’re living in, demanding those common principles is an act of defiance to the powers that radicalize them, creating heroes out of people who seek these basic rights. As an example, advocating for proper living conditions for animals is merely an erratic behaviour according to some minds. The individuals who are passionately fighting for the moral principles and basic rights have become Don Quixotes of the society, they are perceived as lunatics who are after inane adventures like chasing windmills. Through this perpective, artists and art lovers of today are all Don Quixotes against life, fighting a battle of existential reality.”

28.09.2018 - 26.10.2018

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