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Four Walls One Door

  • Four Walls One Door

“In our modern times, the increase in the private spheres is forcing the public spheres to shrink or be wiped out completely, which brings individuals face to face with the toughness of life. Lured by the irresistible charm of urban life, people have no choice but race against time to survive in this challenging environment. Unfortunately, public spaces being invaded by private ventures at the cost of nature’s destruction and skyscrapers besieging our lives, have come to be accepted as ordinary facts of life. The movies and television shows are forcing their way into our lives through the screen, the visual and audial images acting as effective stimuli to enhance consumerism as people begin to identify themselves with those images. City is a stage for consumerism to reach its ever-greedy objective, by providing easy approach and visuality. In that aspect it resembles the individuals in search of finding their true identity whereas, more and more each day, the individuals have started to resemble the cities they have built. Urban life, with all its glimmer concealing the cage-like form lurking behind it, is offered as a magnificent bait. This is merely a stage of lonesomeness. Aside from all the light pollution, urban lives are the perfect examples of disidentification of cities and people. Hence the need arises for individuals to leave their connection with the outer world outside their doors, to ponder the realities of the world within their four walls, alone in their safe space, trying to find their true identity and become whole.”

19.07.2019 - 19.08.2019

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